Bishop Conley’s Reflections on the Educator John Senior

“Wonder is the beginning of knowledge,” said Professor John Senior, “the reverent fear that beauty strikes within us.”

Professor Senior built his life around wonder – he reveled in the mysteries of this universe, and in the Mystery – that of God himself – to which our world points. Professor Senior believed that if each of us took the opportunity to really look at the world around us – to marvel at nature, at humanity, at our own creation, and at God, we would be filled with curiosity, with delight, and with an eagerness to learn, to understand, and to know the world that the Lord has created. “Each creature is a mirror of its Maker,” he said, “we need only look!”

Professor Senior was one of my teachers at the University of Kansas. He co-directed the Integrated Humanities Program (IHP), in which I was a student in the 1970s. And because Professor Senior, and his colleagues, believed that all mysteries would point to the mystery of God, their classes eventually pointed me to the Catholic faith. Read more here.