Bishop Sees Satan and Marxism Behind Agenda of Synod Modernists

The errors of Russia, one of which is Communism,  are spreading more rapidly than ever, infiltrating the Church itself.

LifeSiteNews: From interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider: This is ultimately neo-Communist and Marxist because the ideology of Marx wants to abolish every sign of difference. The last sign and most evident difference is to be found in the created natural sex of persons. Therefore, there has arrived the homosexual agenda. It would be perhaps worthwhile to make further research in the writings of Marx and Engels. The seat of homosexual ideology is already in Marx and Engels. Therefore, I call this worldwide neo-Marxist, or neo-Communist, action.

I am not so acquainted with the theories of Antonio Gramsci, therefore, I would have to research this question much further. To abolish all differences, all hierarchies, this is Communist, this is Marxist. It would be worthwhile to make this additional historical research in the writings of Marx and Engels – and in Hegel, too. Full interview is here.