Boston Removes Columbus Statue After Rioters Decapitate It

The response of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to the decapitation of the statue of Christopher Columbus was schizophrenic: He said the City does not condone vandalism, but then rewarded the Taliban like vandals by removing the statue, (Beheading, removal of Christopher Columbus statue adds to debate about racism, 6/12/2020).

Amid all the hysterical left wing revisionism about Columbus, it might be useful to remember that the Spanish colonization of the New World, begun by Columbus, put an end to human sacrifice, cannibalism, ritual castration, endemic warfare, and the murder and enslavement of prisoners of war by other indigenous peoples.

Slavery, of course, predated the arrival of Columbus in the Americas.


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Boston’s Christopher Columbus statue before vandalism, cropped detail of photo by massmatt, CC BY 2.0, See entire photo here.