Brazilian Bishop Adair José Guimarães: Evangelize the Indigenous!

Contrary to the anti-Missionary voice of the Austrian Bishop Erwin Kräutler1 and his fellow cultural appropriators from Germany, France, and elsewhere, here is a Brazilian Bishop saying some good things: The Church’s Mission is to bring the Gospel to Everyone, Including the Indigenous. No Culture is Above Christ.

His name is Dom Adair José Guimarães, and he is the Diocesan Ordinary of Formosa, Goias, Brazil. It’s good to see a Brazillian Bishop telling the European progressivists not to mess with the Church in the Amazon, and, especially, telling them that it is the mission of the Church to evangelize all, including the indigenous people of the Amazon.

He, too, believes that the Church is missionary by her very nature.

Here is the original message, in Portuguese:


  1. “I have never in my life baptized an indigenous {person}, and I also do not have the intention of ever doing so.”