Buchanan Neatly Outlines the Problem. Solution? Catholicism!

Patrick J. Buchanan outlines the problem of America’s descent into moral chaos as highlighted by the phenomenon of homopseudomarriage. An excerpt from his article is found below.

Where there is no common race, ethnicity, culture, or polity, what can hold a people together as one gigantic nation the size of the U.S.A.? Arguably, nothing. But, if anything can, it is the religion — that same one true religion that once held Europe together, under the Empire, as the Res Publica Christiana. When the common religion was lost thanks to the Protestant Revolt, the breakup of European unity that was sealed by two horrible world wars was inevitable, as were the era’s competing false ideologies that asserted themselves as substitutes to religious unity.

And now, the secularized, feminized, homosexualized, demographically-dying, and Islamified Europeans are united under the flag of the E.U., which does truly wonderful thing for its member states. Just ask the Cypriots.

The new world order stinketh.

Only the Faith can save us, both as individuals and as nations.

Traditionalist America has always held homosexuality to be unnatural and immoral, ruinous to body and soul alike, and where prevalent – as in Weimar, Germany – the mark of a sick society.

This belief outrages millions. Yet it is as old as mankind and was held universally in the Christian West until this century. Moreover, it is grounded in biblical truth, tradition, natural law and Catholic doctrine.

Before 1973, the American Psychiatric Association regarded homosexuality as a mental disorder. Most states treated it as a crime.

The new morality argues thus:

For a significant slice of the population, homosexuality is natural and normal. They were born this way. And to deny homosexuals the freedom to engage in consensual sexual relations, or the right to marry, is bigotry as odious as was discrimination against black Americans.

Yet, though gospel to many, this belief has only the most shallow of religious, moral and philosophical roots. It seems grounded in a post-1960s ideology that holds that all freely chosen lifestyles are equal, and to discriminate against any is the true social sin.

Needless to say, the traditional morality and the new morality are irreconcilable.