California Cesspools of Perversion, Witchcraft, and Counseling Murder of the Pre-Born?

Most Catholic children, and  not only those in California, swim in these cesspools for twelve years of their lives. They are all right in your neighborhood, in one institution, whose satanic tentacles take hold of the minds of children and teenagers about ten months a year, seven hours a day. You make object to the following degenerate propaganda being dished out in the public schools if you are the parent of children attending these dens of iniquity, and obtain an “opt-out” for your child. But your child will be one of a small minority, made to feel among their peers like he or she is abnormal. Here are the opt-outable topics that the State Code “so generously”offers to placate troublesome parents while dedicated educators of evil corrupt the other children of “normal” parents:

OBJECTIONABLE EDUCATION: According to California law (Education Code Sections 51240, 51513, and 51938) a parent or guardian may request that his or her child be excused from any class, assembly, presentation, discussion, project, survey, extracurricular activity or program presented by the school district and/or by its agents which involve any of the following:

• • Sex or family life education
• • AIDs or HIV education
• • Acquisition and/or use of birth control devices or drugs
• • Abortion
• • Death education of any type including “assisted suicide”
• • Homosexuality
• • Sexual perversions
• • Showing of R, NC-17 or X-rated films
• • Meditation, yoga, conjuring of spirits
• • Witchcraft
• • Counseling except as recommended by the student’s physician
• • Questionnaires, role playing or other strategies to examine the moral and religious beliefs of the student and/or the student’s family members
• • Diversity education which teaches tolerance for variant lifestyles