Calling All Lovers of Wisdom!

A philosopher is a lover of wisdom, as contrasted with a sophist, who takes himself to be already wise. If you are a lover of wisdom, boy do we have an idea for you!

Beginning Wednesday, February 8, we will begin a new online philosophical study. (“We” being Mike Church, David Simpson, myself — along with a chatroom full of Veritas Radio Network listeners.) The subject of our studies will be De Homine (about man), one of the thirty-five treatesises in Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae. The principal guide to our studies will be Brother Francis, whose lectures each student will listen to separately prior to the one-hour discussions.

For details on how to join the course — via audio on the Veritas Radio Network and via live chatroom — go to this page of Mike Church’s site.

Alternatively, you can email me — bam [at] for the discount code to secure your De Homine course (CD or MP3) at a 20% discount.

Any questions? Email me.

Please join us!