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The Mancipia — Our Bi-Monthly Newsletter (sign up to get it regularly by U.S. Mail.)






















Information on our Order and its Apostolate

MICM Apostolate Overview — A letter from the Prior dated 4-6-2006 outlining the work of the religious in Richmond, New Hampshire.

Miscellaneous Essays and Study Guides

Canonical Opinion on the Status of Father Feeney’s Doctrinal Position — The professional opinion of a competent canon lawyer on whether a loyal disciple of Father Leonard Feeney can be a Catholic in good standing. This is a letter from Mr. Peter Vere, J.C.L., who obtained his Licentiate of Canon Law from the Faculty of Canon Law at Saint Paul University. As a Catholic writer, canonist and apologist, his work has appeared in numerous Catholic publications, including Surprised by Truth 3. He is the co-author of Surprised by Canon Law: 150 Questions Catholics Ask About Canon Law and More Catholic Than the Pope. Additionally, Mr. Vere is the lecturing professor for the Masters-level course in Canon Law offered by the Catholic Distance University.

Friends Forever: St. Augustine, Friendship, and Catholic Evangelism (272K PDF file) — By Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. This paper was written in preparation for a talk at the 2006 Saint Benedict Center Conference. The conference theme was “Catholic Friends and Family: Christening Society.”

The Saint Augustine Institute Syllabus of Studies — The Basis for the SAI Circles of Study, featuring Catholic memory items, prayers, recommended reading, etc. The Saint Augustine Institute of Catholic Studies is the adult educational apostolate of Saint Benedict Center.

Saint Benedict Center Novena Schedule – A collection of novenas said by the Saint Benedict Center community and 3rd Order. Please join us throughout the year by praying them with us.

A Letter to Bedfordshire — A response to Mr. Thomas Sparks concerning Baptism of Desire, St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Council of Trent.

Suppressing the Principle of Conversion by Diabolical Disorientation — Further Consideration of the Dogma of the faith and the Secret of Fatima, by Brother David Mary, M.I.C.M. Tert.

A Review of Harvard to Harvard , by Abbot Gabriel Gibbs, O.S.B. — The Abbot of Saint Benedict Abbey has published a new book on the history of Father Feeney and Saint Benedict Center. Review by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.