Cardinal Mueller Says Corruption of Doctrine Leads to Corruption of Morals

LifeSiteNews, Maike Hickson: In a homily during of priestly ordination of Michael Sulzenbacher, SJM in Rome, the Cardinal touched upon the current situation in the Church, pointing to the Church’s “deep crisis of credibility caused by men.” He sees, as a potential danger, a possible split within Christianity, similar to the “split of Christianity in the 16th century or the secularization of the spiritual life in the wake of the Enlightenment and of the French Revolution.”

“It is not clericalism,” says Müller, “whatever this might mean, but, rather, the turning away from the truth and moral license are the roots of the evil.” “The corruption of doctrine always brings about the corruption of morality and manifests itself in it,” adds the cardinal. Read in full here.