Cardinal Muller Visits Family of Mark Houck Who Was Arrested at His Home for Pro-Life Activities

CNA, Joe Bukuras: German Cardinal Gerhard Müller visited the home and family of Mark Houck, a pro-life father of seven who was arrested on Sept. 23 by several FBI agents in the early hours of the morning. 

In a video posted on YouTube Oct. 12, the cardinal is seen on the front porch of the Houck family home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where the 48-year-old had been taken into custody at gunpoint in front of his terrified wife and children.

Müller then made a statement condemning the arrest of Houck, whom he called “a peaceful father defending his son, defending the right of life of the babies.”

“Persecution of the good people is always a sign of the beginning of dictatorship and tyranny,” Müller said in the video posted by the pro-life outlet iFamNews. Read here in full.