Cardinal Napier to the Rescue?

The Catholic Herald informs us that an outspoken South African Cardinal has been added to the committee that will draft the final report on the Synod:

Pope Francis has added Cardinal Wilfrid Napier to the drafting committee which will produce the final report on the Extraordinary Synod on Pastoral Challenges to the Family.

The appointment is significant because the South African cardinal was critical of the mid-term report produced by the drafting committee earlier this week. [Read more…]

This may also be an effort to offset the outrage caused by Cardinal Kasper’s inflammatory remarks dismissive of the contribution of the Bishops of Africa to the Synod. Some have viewed these remarks of the German Cardinal as racist, xenophobic, and eurocentric.

Ironically, the Cardinal’s outrageous comments were made in the name of “globalism” — which -ism might just as easily lead one to dismiss the remarks of German Bishops, who, after all, oversee a demographically moribund Catholicism, produced by the embrace of liberalism, sexual libertinism and other non-Catholic standards of this world.

These are the very standards they are pushing in the Synod.