Cardinal Zen Reproaches St. Egidio Community and 30Days Magazine for Honoring Schismatics

Asia News: Firstly I wish to declare my complete respect for the great zeal of my friends of the Community of Saint Egidio and my good friend Gianni Valente of 30Days for the Church in China. I also wish to reiterate my gratitude for their long friendship towards me.

However, the fact that for some time now they have no longer sought to meet me, and that I find something quite disturbing in what they do and say in regard to our beloved Church in China, I believe the time has come to enter into a public conversation through the printed word, and in doing so, I draw inspiration from an article by Gianni Valente of “30Days” Issue 9 (2011): “Interview with John Baptist Li Su Guang, coadjutor bishop of Nanchang.” Read interview here.