A Case Study in Stupidity

The proud keep trying, anything but God. Louis Pasteur, perhaps the greatest of all biologists (biology means the study of life) and chemists, by disproving the error of spontaneous generation, proved that life can only come from life. Then, again, does a physicist enslaved by materialism even know what life is? Go to philosophy if you want a definition of life, ye blind physicists.

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For its first half-billion years, Earth was lifeless. Then life took hold, and it has thrived ever since. But how did life arise? Before biological evolution began, scientists believe there was chemical evolution, with simple inorganic molecules reacting to form complex organic molecules, most likely in the oceans. But what kick-started this process in the first place?

MIT physicist Dr. Jeremy England recently put forward a theory that attempts to explain the origin of life in terms of fundamental principles of physics. In this view, life is the inevitable result of rising entropy. If the theory is correct, the arrival of life “should be as unsurprising as rocks rolling downhill,” England told Quanta magazine in 2014.

The idea is highly speculative. Recent computer simulations, however, may be lending support to it. The simulations show that ordinary chemical reactions (of the sort that would have been common on the newly formed Earth) can lead to the creation of highly structured compounds — seemingly a crucial stepping-stone on the path to living organisms. More here (Under Point 7)