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Spanish Crusade 1936-1939

At a time when Spain is afflicted by an anti-Christian socialist government, and even its nominally Catholic King disgraces his crown by signing pro-abortion legislation into law, it’s edifying to reflect on the Carlistas and other heroes of the Faith … Continue reading

Exonerating Pope Liberius?

The traditional Transalpine Redemptorists have built a case that could rewrite the history of Pope Liberius as it has come to us  (they allege) only since the sixteenth century.  I haven’t the time to examine into their cause, but it … Continue reading

Mary Mary, Quite Military

From the pen of the intrepid Dom Guéranger, that monkish powerhouse of Catholic piety and erudition, comes this brief rundown of the two battles in whose memory the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary was gratefully instituted: Manicheism, revived … Continue reading