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There are four states in life through which the faithful may sanctify themselves: the priesthood, the religious life, Holy Matrimony, and the chaste single state. The priesthood is a sacred office in the church, which one is only surely given through the “canonical call” of the bishop at ordination. A religious vocation is a life consecrated by vow to the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience. If not called to the religious life or priesthood, a man or woman has to make one of two choices: the married state, or the chaste single state. Whatever state one chooses, he must pursue it as a stable form of life through which he can sanctify himself. Of course, before one chooses a state in life, one should seek the counsel of a trusted spiritual director, reflect carefully and prayerfully on this most important of all decisions, and patiently await the answer that God will eventually plant it in the heart.

Many times reading about the saints, or other devout Catholics who made their mark in the history of the Church, can be of great help in discerning a vocation. The articles in this section provide the kind of information that younger readers will find very helpful in choosing the right state of life and older readers will find beneficial in fulfilling the state in life to which they are already committed.

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On vocations and states in life, by Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.

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Some Good News

On Monday, May 13, Brother Joseph Mary professed his perpetual vows. The following “letter” concerns this wonderful event in our community’s life. The previous day saw nine innocents make their First Holy Communion in our chapel. Please also see the … Continue reading

Patriarchy and the Defenseless

On January 25, 500,000 pro-lifers marched on the Mall in Washington D.C. in defense of unborn human life. Four days before that, the most progressivist, pro-abortion, homosexualist president in American history gave his second inaugural address. In that address, Mr. … Continue reading

The Innate Qualities of the Child

Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. (1877-1964) was one of the greatest theologians of modern times. He was a staunch anti-modernist, who engaged and exposed the twerpy upstarts responsible for the neo-modernist Nouvelle Théologie (“New Theology”). Much more than a controversialist, the … Continue reading

A Vocation

The Religious State can be the portion only of an elite: that is to say, of chosen souls. A special vocation is required of those who aspire to walk this narrow and uphill path.

Courtship and Marriage

Anyone who is contemplating marriage has a lot to think about, indeed.  However, there is one modern trend that should be avoided once you have determined that marriage is your vocation.  To explain this pitfall and how to overcome it, … Continue reading