Catholic Faith and Morals Lambasted in New Father Serra Book

I cite Jeff Mirus’ book review on Catholic Culture only because I have not myself read Gregory Orfalea’s book Journey to the Sun, offered by Ignatius Press. From what Mirus’ provides I would be far less commendatory than he. The reviewer tries too hard not to be overly critical; but critical he is, and rightly so.  I can only surmise, after reading this overview, that this book is nothing but an anti-Catholic diatribe that attempts to, shall I say, Freudianize the psyche of Blessed Junipero Serra. Ignatius Press should take it off their shelves and burn what they have.

Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture: Gregory Orfalea’s biography of the great missionary to California, Junípero Serra, is exceedingly strange. In the good sense of the word, it is genuinely foreign and fascinating. The author has a gift for telling an exotic story with plenty of intriguing detail, even when the evidence is relatively scant. But in the bad sense of the word, the book is strange because the author’s own prejudices make it very difficult for him to understand Serra, his time-period, and even the Catholic Church in such a way that he can really get inside the history. Read the rest here.