Catholic Playwright Provides Inspiring Plays About Catholic Heroes and Saints

Cathal Gallagher is so right.  In this CNA interview he cites a Hollywood producer who bragged that movies have more influence on kids than parents do. “I would go further,” he said, “We have lost our youth to entertainment. They have been swallowed by the culture. It’s going to get worse. I have seen some Hollywood scripts and they are atrocious. Our answer is to show heroic characters on stage. Young people imitate their heroes.” Even when parents provide a Catholic environment in the home Hollywood movies still reign.  And they get move diabolical every day.  Gallagher, who hopes that his scripts will be made into movies, has produced plays about Cardinal Mindszenty (his first), Blessed Padre Pro, Saint Margaret Clitherow, his latest, Saint Margaret of Costello (in production), and others.

San Jose, Calif., Aug 13, 2009 / 07:04 am (CNA).- A Catholic California playwright says that theatre is “the grassroots of entertainment” that can have a “profound impact” on young people. He points to his own plays and productions as examples of efforts to bring portrayals of heroism and sanctity to the secular culture. Read full article here.