China: The Ordeal of a Bishop Who Will Not Join the Patriotic Association

AsiaNews: Msgr. Peter Jin Lugang, who on January 30th was recognized by the government as coadjutor bishop of Nanyang (Henan), has done everything possible not to belong to the Patriotic Association (PA), whose statutes ” are irreconcilable” with Catholic doctrine, even asking for forgiveness from the Pope. This is what emerges from the words of Fr. Sergio Ticozzi, PIME missionary and expert sinologist, who knows Msgr. Jin personally and the community of Nanyang. The testimony of this bishop is an example for other bishops who perhaps too easily assume positions in PA and in Chinese politics. In addition, his story confirms that at present, Beijing still demands that government recognition passes through membership of the PA, as opposed to what certain Catholic sources claim. At the same time, the story of Msgr. Jin also shows attempts to find other paths, probably due to the knowledge and esteem that the local authorities have for him. Account is here.