Chris Ferrara’s Interview with Mike Church, a Philosophy Student of Brother Francis

We’ve told our readers about Mike Church before. Now, Chris Ferrara has interviewed Mike for The Remnant.

The interview features questions and answers about Mike’s reversion to Catholicism, his conversion to tradition, and his love of the traditional Mass. The major thrust, though, is on how this radio personality has transformed his secular radio program into an instrument for evangelism, getting converts to the faith in the process.

Of special interest to our readers and to all Saint Benedict Center supporters would be the following reply from Mike Church, in response to Mr. Ferrara’s question about his on-air” evangelizing” on a political talk show:

The evangelizing part, I heard it put best by this philosopher who I’ve been listening to: Brother Francis. He’s of the St. Augustine Institute. I think he died in 2004 or 2006 [2009, actually]. He’s of Lebanese descent. Father Feeney told him, when he met him back in the 1940’s: You are going to convert to Catholicism. You are going to become a monk. You’re going to come with me. You’re going to stop teaching physics and teach philosophia perennis the rest of your life. And he did it. I started listening to Brother Francis and I’m learning Thomistic philosophy. I share that with the audience, too.

I started listening to this philosophy course…. As I got deeper into it and I started sharing it, people started asking me: Where do I get this? I want to do this, too, Mike. So I reached out to the St. Augustine Center [sic. s/b “Saint Augustine Institute” or “Saint Benedict Center”], and they offered to people that wanted to take the course… a group discount if I could get enough people together.

Do you know that in a span of ten days, 63 people signed up to take that four-year-long course with me? We’re all taking it together now. We’re all studying Thomistic philosophy together in a chat room every Tuesday night. We ask questions. The brothers from the St. Augustine Institute that have taken the course, they show up and answer people’s questions. [That’s us. We do it in the “chatroom” on Mike’s page.]

Here is what we said about Mike Church back in April:

Mike Church is Senior Contributor to The Imaginative Conservative and a radio talk show personality, who hosts Satellite Radio’s longest running talk show since 2003, the Mike Church Show.

He has recently made a massive on-air and online promotion of Brother Francis’ course of philosophia perennis. Not only that, but he has organized a class or study group for people who want to take the course together. Thanks to Mike’s efforts, we have seen record sales of Brother Francis’ complete philosophy course in the last couple of weeks. More importantly, he has given a boon to Brother Francis’ very important work of evangelizing the nation by preparing good, strong apostles capable of engaging people with truth.

Thank you, Mike Church!

The Mike Church Show is heard Monday through Friday on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio’s Patriot channel 125 from 6:00am to 9:00 Eastern Time. He has a Facebook fan page here.