Clinton Staffers Rip Catholic Teaching and Catholics

Wikileaks has revealed some embarrassing anti-Catholic remarks from Hilary Clinton’s staffers.

To quote Mike Church (from a Facebook post):

Slick Hillary’s good squad of J. Halpin and Jennifer Palmieri, with an assist from the ubiquitous electronic voyeur John Podesta, had an email exchange in which they mocked “conservative Catholics” for being duped by Catholic “systematic thought” and “severely backwards gender relations”. Ahh yes, the Dogma of men being born as men and women as women, practicing the Faith that doesn’t bend to Hillary and Obama’s will — what simpletons!

Now we know that Mrs. Clinton, when given the chance, actually has an army of Catholic haters who stand at the ready to implement the “significant religious changes” she was droning on about to Europe’s Margaret Sanger boosters.

Then comes Podesta who is unfortunately correct in his indictment that no one in “Conservatism” knows the philosophy of St. Thomas or the Catholic principle of small government (“Subsidiarity”) but they both “sound sophisticated”. If Catholics weren’t mortified of Mrs Clinton’s obsession with the Cult of Death and abortion, maybe they’ll get goosebumps over this dismissal of Tradition.

Read other comments of Mike Church here (scroll down to “Hillary’s Goons Play The Bigot Bowl vs Catholics”).

Below is Church Militant coverage: