Conference Over, Complete Recordings Available

How does one gauge the success at an event like this? Attendance statistics? Satisfaction of conference-goers? Or the good-old capitalist indicator, total income? By whatever calculus one determines success, the quality of the talks must be given uppermost consideration. By that measure this was a successful conference.

The full conference set is available on our store site. (Some individual talks have yet to be added.) The most raved about talk was the one given by Sister Maria Philomena: “Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Powers of Life as they Transcend the Material: The Acquisition of Wisdom and The Transmission of Culture.”

A long title, yes, but every word of it makes sense. It is perhaps the most concise and cogent single-talk presentation on Catholic intellectual formation you will ever hear, and it was delivered with a poise and charm that make the subject matter inviting.