Demand Action from National Leadership of Knights of Columbus over Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Scandal

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today is urging all faithful Catholics concerned over the scandal of Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade to contact the national leadership of the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, and urge them to veto the decision by Bay State Knights to march in Sunday’s parade along with a homosexual activist group.

The State Council of the Massachusetts Knights of Columbus is entering the parade for the first time in decades, just as loyal Catholics are withdrawing from the event, because of the participation of the homosexual advocacy organization, OUTVETS.

You may call Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson at (203) 752-4000, or email him at [email protected]

Don’t let surrender be compounded by betrayal! It is bad enough that parade organizers threw away a 9-0 U. S. Supreme Court decision, do not allow the K of C to give political cover to the organizers, the anti-Catholic activists, or the author of this affront to the honor of Saint Patrick, Mayor Martin Walsh. As the parade is Sunday, March 15th, please call as soon as possible!