Detroit Priest Denies Communion to Woman for Kneeling

Les Femmes, the Truth: It was still  happening in my own diocese up until the public exposure of the bully priests and their correction. The last episode I’m aware of was in 2002 when a former pastor of mine refused Communion to Virginia State Delegate Dick Black. The priest took on the wrong guy and the negative publicity, I’m sure, convinced the bishop to instruct the priests to administer Communion to kneelers. After all, if pro-abortion politicians can desecrate the body of the Lord with impunity…. Listen to the VORTEX to hear the story of the bully priest, Fr. Ron Jozwiak, who denied Communion to a young woman, Rachel Madi, because she knelt to receive Our Lord. He loudly ordered her to “get up and receive Communion the Catholic way.” When she replied, “This is the Catholic way,” he walked around her and gave Communion to the next in line. If only she were a pro-abortion politician or a transgender in clown costurme she would have had no problem. But KNEELING AND ON THE TONGUE! Horrors. – See more here.