Don’t Be Fooled by ‘Fact Checkers,’ Watch ‘Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?’

It’s too easy to check your critical faculties in at the portal of the internet, and fall for the now growing array of online “fact checkers,” who will demand that you dismiss some non-mainstream narrative as “fake news.” But who are the “fact checkers”? Are they disinterested parties? Altruistic pursuers of truth, justice, and the American way? Dogged gumshoes on a relentless hunt for “just the facts, Ma’am”?

Or are they paid hacks in the employ of the very oligarchs whose trail you’re not supposed to notice — otherwise you’re a “conspiracy theorist” guilty of spreading “fake news”?

If you’d like to learn about this subject, I suggest the The Corbett Report Episode 381: “Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?” (embedded immediately below, with links and downloadable formats here).

I also suggest moving to the Brave Browser, and getting away from Microsoft and Apple options for browsing the web. 

Things are getting more ominous as there is a growing effort to control the flow of information.