Don’t Mess With Rev. Michael Pfleger

This showman priest parades as a “Catholic” pastor with impunity. Because he fought against gangs and guns in the parish neighborhood and opposed an obscene billboard, one might think he’s OK.  But he is not OK. He is in league with black pro-abortion fanatics (pro-infanticide in Obama’s case), and all the black radical activists (Sharpton and Farakan) that blame white America for whatever ails them.  Is Cardinal George afraid of this man?  It’s pathetic.  “O, we don’t want a schism” Why doesn’t Pfleger just start his own church? Maybe he’s afraid he will lose the security that comes with being a pastor?  He’s been at St. Sabina’s for thirty years.  O shepherd of Chicago, if his flock wants to follow him into schism, why not let them?  What kind of Catholics are they, anyway, who’ll sit and listen, from their pastor’s pulpit, to Harry Bellafonte attack President Bush for being anti-abortion?  This is one sick parish with a very sick pastor.  And nothing is done about it.

A clip from Catholic-on-line reads:

“Pfleger’s long history of inviting outspoken pro-abortion advocates into his pulpit – despite the fact that the Chicago Archdiocese has a longstanding policy explicitly forbidding the use of Church property, under any circumstances, by pro-abortion advocates – has included the pro-abortion Pentecostal pastor Rev. Al Sharpton, the anti-Semitic Muslim firebrand Louis Farrakhan, and singer Harry Belafonte.

“Belafonte attacked President Bush for being pro-life from Pfleger’s pulpit in 2003 and denounced the President for endangering what he called a “woman’s right to abortion.”

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