‘Doubling the Blade’: The Liturgical Rosary as a Mighty Help

The embedded YouTube video, below, is a talk by our own Sister Marie Gabrielle, M.I.C.M., introducing a new book that our Sisters have authored, The Liturgical Rosary: Meditations for Each Hour, Day & Season of the Liturgical Year. (Continue reading below the video….)

Doubling the Blade: The Liturgical Rosary
as a Mighty Help to Our Mothers’ Heroes

Here is some further information on the volume (click here for a preview):


  • Foreword by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski: Should the Laity Pray the Breviary or the Rosary?
  • The Prayers of the Rosary in English and Latin
  • A Simple Method of Chanting the Rosary with Suggested Rubrics and Antiphons
  • The Fifteen Promises of Our Lady to Those Who Pray the Rosary
  • The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary Synoptically Recounted

Meditations Taken from…

  • Each of the Canonical Hours for Each of the Days of the Week
  • The Votive Masses for the Days of the Week
  • Each of the Feasts of the Sanctoral Cycle
  • Each of the Feasts of the Seasonal Cycle: Advent Through Pentecost
  • The Common Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • The Common Masses of the Saints

The Votive Masses for Various Occasions, Including…

  • For the Defense of the Church
  • For Peace
  • For the Sick
  • For Pilgrims and Travelers
  • For Any Necessity
  • Of Thanksgiving
  • For a Baptism
  • For the Reception of Holy Matrimony
  • In Preparation for Death


4.25 x 6.73 trim size

528 pages | Paper type: 60gsm uncoated white

Black calf-skin cover | Alpha PU (Gold foiling)

Section Sewn | Hard Bound (Round Back) | HT Band & 3 Ribbons: Blue, Red & Black

Image of Highland claymores courtesy of Castle Keep (Rob Miller, Master Swordsmith)