Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on the ‘Poison Death Shot,’ i.e., Covid ‘Vaccines’

If we argued like the modern cultural-Marxist left, we would say something like this: “If you don’t believe Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, the Ukrainian-American Jewish physician, then you are clearly an antisemite!” But such facile rhetoric is a shortcut around the mental labor of sorting through facts and making arguments wherein conclusions follow from established premises.

So, whether or not you care about Dr. Zelenko’s Jewishness, or that of the Israeli Rabbinical court to whom he is offering his testimony in this video, at least consider what he says (hat-tip to America’s Frontline Doctors):

I think we Catholics who care about truth — both naturally and supernaturally revealed truth — should pray for the conversion and salvation of Dr. Zelenko’s soul. (Long-time readers will certainly know why.)

The good doctor is performing a great service to humanity in taking this stance.