Egypt: The Apparition of Our Lady at Zeitoun, 50th Anniversary April 9

One would think that all Egypt would have been converted to the Catholic Faith upon a million people in 1968 having viewed this apparition, an apparition of Mary repeated many times (even the Moslem President at the time. Abdel Nasser saw it). As many popes, beginning with Benedict XIV (1740-58), quoting the Psalms, have said of Mexico, “He hath not done in like manner to every nation” (Psalm 147:20), we can say the same to Egypt. Only Mexico did convert. 

Perishable Items, Father Victor Feltes: Fifty years ago this week, on the evening of April 2, 1968, a group of Muslim mechanics and drivers working across the street from St. Mark’s Coptic Church in Zeitoun, Egypt, saw a woman atop a dome of the church. Two other men also noticed the white figure on the top of the church and the matter was reported to the police. A crowd gathered on the site and interpreted the sighting as an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After a few minutes, the event ended. According to tradition, Zeitoun is on the route that the Holy Family took when fleeing King Herod’s efforts to murder the infant Jesus. More here.