Enervated and Sensitive Programming Network Nixes Robert Lee From Covering UV Football Game

Lee is Oriental, his name being a common Chinese or Korean surname. So, he wasn’t named after General Robert E. Lee. And, even if he was, the southern general was a noble man, not without serious flaws, but hardly one to be ashamed of. His wife, Mary Anna Custis, was an adoptive descendant of George Washington. Her father, George Washington Custis, had asked for the emancipation of his slaves after his death, which request was carried out. Lee himself was not raised a wealthy man, his father’s estate having been squandered before he came of age. However many slaves he had before the war it could not have been that many, not compared to our founding fathers anyway. In a letter to his wife, he once wrote: “slavery as an institution, is a moral and political evil in any country.” That being said, Lee favored gradual emancipation, which he felt would be more beneficial to the overall assimilation of the slaves  Those were the times. Meanwhile, up to the late nineteenth century Irish women, widows and unmarried, by the tens of thousands, were enslaved by the British and shipped off to Bermuda and the Bahamas, and even Virginia. You won’t find that in American history books.

The Stream, Al Perrotta: In case you missed it, ESPN pre-empted its regular programming this week to bring you the 2017 Shark-Jumping Championships. And surprise, they won!

Yes, ESPN jumped the shark beyond anything ever seen on sports television. At the 1968 Olympics, American Bob Beamon broke the long jump record by two feet. TWO whole feet. Staggering. And still nothing compared to ESPN’s jump. The rest is here.