On Clarifications and Apologies for ‘Hurting the Feelings’ of Homosexual Activists

Matt Abbot has a good article on the Renew America website about an exaggerated concern over the “feelings” of hateful and militant anti-Catholic homosexuals who want to corrupt your children. Here is a clip from an unequivocal quote that he supplies from Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute:

‘What I wish Cardinal George had said was that homosexual acts are soul-destroying acts that are ‘detestable’ in God’s eyes and that the parade is a tragic, offensive event that shouldn’t take place on any day in any neighborhood. It is not an act of love to affirm or appear to affirm that which God condemns.

‘(Cardinal George should not use the terms ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian.’ Those terms do not merely denote same-sex attraction and volitional acts. They connote biological determinism, immutability, and an inherent morality. What other groups would Cardinal George choose to identify by their disordered inclinations and freely chosen sinful acts? Rhetoric matters.)’ Read full piece here.