Enrico Maria Radaelli has a New Book

Ingresso alla bellezza [Entryway to beauty], is the new offering of this ought-to-be-well-known disciple of Romano Amerio. From Sandro Magister:

The central thesis of “Ingresso alla bellezza” is that the Son of God does not have only one “name,” but two. He is “Logos,” but also “Imago.” He is word, but also image, face, the reflection of the divine thought. He is truth, but also the beauty of the true. …

Radaelli is not an academic theologian, nor has he received holy orders. He is not tenured at any pontifical university. And yet he is the disciple of one of the sharpest Catholic intellects of the 20th century, another ordinary layman without university tenure, Romano Amerio of Switzerland. Both have addressed and address severe criticisms against the secularizing tendencies of the Church in the past century, against confusion in the field of ecumenism and relations with other religions, against the “devastation” in the liturgical field. But this is always in obedience to the hierarchical magisterium and to the Great Tradition without whose depth and breadth – Benedict XVI teaches – there is no Catholic theology worthy of the name.

Radaelli has a web site which he calls “AUREA DOMUS.” The site is in Italian, with a few very worthwhile offerings in English. I presented something of his in Ad Rem 53, False Ecumenism Takes a Formidable Beating.

At Chiesa on line, Sandro Magister presents a complete article of Radaelli’s on the same subject as the book.