Eric Mahl: Pro Football to Hermit to Living On the Streets of Cleveland to Divine Mercy Apostle

I’ve been reading a good book by Father Michael Gaitley, M.I.C., titled You Did It To Me. In that book he tells a bit about his friend, Eric Mahl, one time pro-football linebacker for the Cleveland Browns. I wanted to check out Eric’s story and post something about him for our website. However, I did not find anything because I was mispelling his name — Maul, instead of Mahl. Eric had been nicknamed in college, The Mauler, and even Animaul. Well, this morning I plugged in his name with the correct spelling. Lo and behold Trent Beattie of the National Catholic Register had beaten me (pun intended) to the punch. Here is Trent Beattie’s interview with one magnificent young Catholic man whose heart is on fire for the Faith. It’s from five years ago. I assume Eric is still working for the Divine Mercy apostolate out of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Eric Mahl has always loved a challenge. In his youth, it was the prospect of being the best football player ever. This desire drove him to bench press 450 pounds, earn an NCAA Division I football scholarship and later a place on the Cleveland Browns’ roster.

The 30-year-old Ohio native’s challenge now, however, is sharing the message of Divine Mercy with the world — particularly the poor and most abandoned. This has meant enduring regular rejection and sometimes sub-freezing temperatures on the streets of Cleveland and other cities, in the hope of convincing souls that God’s love for them has not expired. Full interview is here.