Evangelization Not Just a Counsel, It’s a Mandate From Christ for All Catholics

This is a very good post from the website of the diocese of Washington DC. It is written by Monsignor Charles Pope who often offers challenges to arouse the lukewarm from their lethargy. In this summons the Monsignor isn’t just giving a suggestion. He makes it clear from the last words of our Savior that we are all called to “Go,” make disciples, and teach the Faith. “All of us have to do this,” he says, “all of us must obey.”

Monsignor Pope: This is often called the “Great Commission” in the sense that it is the overarching mission, job one, the standing orders for the Church, for any Catholic. There is nothing ambiguous about it either. Jesus says go! But where Lord? Everywhere! Every nation, every person. And Do what? Make disciples of them by drawing them into the sacramental life of the Church through baptism and teaching them everything I have commanded. Finally He bids us have no fear of this for he is with us to the end. Read full article here.