Fr. James Farfaglia Blasts Synod: ‘Gay Lobby Is in Control’

Renew America: Pope Francis has correctly criticized the plague of clericalism within the Catholic Church, but Monday’s document is the most disgusting example of clericalism that I have ever seen in my almost twenty-seven years as a faithful and hardworking Catholic priest. In fact, the entire synod is an example of clericalism in its most horrendous form. How many of the participants in the synod have ever served in a parish?

Monday’s document illustrates that many synod participants are disconnected from the realities of parish life. Millions of faithful Catholic parents who struggle to raise Catholic children in a world out of control must feel like the Cubans did during the Bay of Pigs invasion – abandoned on the beach, alone to fight and to die with no support at all. Why is there a need for a Synod on the Family? More here.