Garcia Moreno, August 6, 1875+, Greatest Catholic Statesman and Martyr for the Faith

Joseph F.X. Sladky pays honor to Garcia Morena in today’s issue of Crisis Magazine: On 6 August 1875, in the Plaza Major of Quito, Ecuador, a man lay dying.  It was the First Friday of the Month.  Earlier, after spending time in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament in the Cathedral, the man made his way to the Presidential Palace to meet with his ministers.  As he approached the Palace, he was ambushed and cut down by bullets and a cutlass, one of his assassins crying out, “Die, destroyer of liberty!”  The victim replied, “God does not die.” Read full article here.

In his memory you may also like to read Gary Potter’s magnificent tribute to this man (Blessed Pius IX called him a martyr), which he wrote for our website five years ago. You will find it here.