George Soros: Profile of an Oligarch

When people claim that democracy tends to be manipulated by the oligarchs — as I have posited here, here, and here — it is men like the liberal atheist George Soros they have in mind. On the one hand, Mr. Soros sponsors groups that clamor for the downfall of the “one percenters”; on the other hand, he is a “one percenter.” Similarly, he calls for government taxation and regulation of people like himself, and then does what he can to avoid taxation and regulation.

Soros, who has brought entire national economies to their knees, is presently funding the anti-Trump rallies across America, which are not spontaneous eruptions of concerned citizens, but fabricated events. (This is why they have merited the creation of the #SorosProtestors hashtag.) This man, and others like him, manipulate public opinion with their billions and call it philanthropy. Those others like him would include his fellows at the curiously named Democracy Alliance.

Below is an old 60 Minutes interview with Soros, where he can be seen alongside then First Lady Hillary Clinton. I will not comment on it other than to say that it is very revealing.

But George Soros is a type. There are others, and they manipulate money, governments, the press, and anything else there is to manipulate — including the Church, if they are allowed. They can be capitalists, socialists, or communists if it serves their ends as their greed transcends these ideologies and their power renders them largely immune from the rule of law.

Our most effective weapons against them are supernatural. In God’s economy, a little old housewife huddled in front of an image of the Sacred Heart, Rosary in hand, can be more powerful than an army of Soroses (or is it Sorosi?). On the other hand, if we as a nation or as individuals thwart God’s graces and waste his blessings, we are vulnerable.

Let us pray for our nation. Let us be — contrary to the atheist globalist types, like Mr. Soros — Catholic and Patriotic. And let us also pray for Mr. Soros as the Gospel enjoins us to do. He, too, has a soul, and one day he will most certainly meet the God he presently rejects as his Soverign Judge.