German Bishops Help the Church ‘Question Herself’ about Family Diversity ahead of Synod

In the bizarro world that is modern German Catholicism — at least as dictated by those who consider themselves practically independent of the papacy — the Church should “question herself” about the different forms the family takes.

Read this nominalist, blasphemous gobbledegook:

The forms in which people live together and take up responsibility for one another have become today manifold. “The task of the Church today is to accompany people on their personal path through life. In order to be able to live up to this expectation, the Church has to listen, understand, and question herself in a self-critical manner,” said Bishop Dr. Heiner Koch [the newly appointed Archbishop of Berlin], the President of the Commission for Marriage and the Family of the German Bishops’ Conference, and Alois Glueck, President of the ZdK, in the letter of invitation for the Conference.


I really wonder: if a man wanted to marry his daughter and have offspring with her — and if they really loved one another — would Bishop Koch “accompany” them “on their personal path through life”? Would he “accompany” hateful anti-Semites and neo-Nazis on their path, since it is, after all the “task of the Church” to do so? What form will that accompaniment take? Would it involve the spiritual works of mercy, or would it be simply to walk with people on their very personal spiritual journey — to hell?

Or is His Excellency selective (i.e., JUDGMENTAL, and NON-INCLUSIVE) in his application of that highly rhetorical new first principle of ecclesiology, applying it only to liberal dissenters from the Church’s moral magisterium?

The world may never know.