Give the School Kids a Break: For Family and Goodness Sake

I thought these six suggestions of Mr. Nielsen were great common sense.

Here are a few simple suggestions to ameliorate the situation:

  • Allow kids more rest. Studies show that teen brains need more sleep than they are getting. Starting school even one hour later makes a difference.
  • Focus more on in-class instruction, rather than homework.
  • Prioritize quality over volume.
  • Decrease the weight of test scores.
  • Individualize students’ educational experiences based on their abilities.
  • Re-evaluate as a culture our criteria for human success.

First Things, Nathan Nielsen: America is all too content with its carnage. Especially the subtler kinds. Especially the carnage inside. A deep, hard-to-pinpoint angst saps and drains the morale of our children: It is the quiet carnage of the cult of success. Read more here.