Good Article on Obligation to Fight SCOTUS Unlawful Attack on Marriage

The Seton Magazine article is excellent especially the following call for supernatural hope at the end:

Parents, in discharging the difficult task of educating their children to become good and faithful Catholics in the midst of an increasing adverse society, should have the firm confidence that the Lord will grant them all the graces necessary to discharge their tasks.

The grace of the Lord and the intercession of Our Lady will grant them the strength necessary to move ahead in a growing hostile environment. In this adverse environment, I strongly suggest that parents form associations or participate in groups to support each other in this fundamental task.

Parents and all members of society who are outraged by this decision should be moved by the supernatural virtue of hope that the truths about life and family will once again prevail in society because, as St. Thomas Aquinas pointed out many times, “Nothing that is against nature can endure.”