Good Movies of Old, Thoughts From Anthony Esolen

Crisis“You young devils,” says Satan, the wily old misanthrope, wise in the ways of man, “believe you can damn the human vermin with reasoned arguments. Reason, as you should know, and for your own sake you had better remember, is of the Enemy. When we fight with it, we fight with his own weapons. What we want in that line, as our dear friends the Sophists have shown us,” and here a couple of the youngsters snigger, as one of them waves a kind of spiritual drumstick, once belonging to a fellow named Dewey, in the air “are tangles of argument without reason, and the more abstract they are, and the less dependent upon that stew of mud and muck called Nature, the better. No,” he says, “man is an irrational animal. Are you taking notes, Asmodeus?” Read article here.