Gov: Drone Assasinations are ‘Ethical, Legal, and Wise’

The Obama administration is defending its use of drones to assassinate people outside of combat zones without due process. In the linked article, the organizations cited against the government’s position in the matter are all leftist (like, for instance, the ACLU). This might lead someone of (neo) conservative leanings to assume that only leftists oppose the tactics. That would not be true. Paleoconservatives, who, like their forebears in the Old Right are not warmongers, also believe in a disciplined code of military ethics.

When one considers that recent legislation in the USA declares the homeland to be a war zone, and allows citizens of the United States to be arrested and held indefinitely without legal representation on mere suspicion of aiding terrorists, one might begin to worry that the ever growing Nanny State might begin to bypass due process even more, employing drones for the purpose.

Are such fears unfounded?

Goodbye Posse Comitatis. Goodbye, Habeas corpus. Latin is such a dead language anyway.