His English Teacher Was His Occasion of Grace: Actor Eduardo Verástegui

I’ve posted enough bad news for today.  Here’s a great and inspiring interview the Catholic Herald of London had with Bella star and pro-life crusader Eduardo Verástegui, the ex-soap opera star and pop singer who isn’t afraid to say that he wants to become a saint. Verastegui has been walking the walk in front of abortion clinics for several years now, praying and giving out Miraculous Medals.  He even gave John McCain and his wife a Medal when he met them during the presidential campaign.  A clip from the interview:

“I realized that I wasn’t born to be a movie star or an actor or a lawyer. I was born to know and to love and to serve Jesus Christ,” he says. He explains that he went through a lot of tears, guilt, and grief after his first Confession. “It broke my heart to realize that I was offending God with the talents he gave me.”

CatholicOnLine has the full text here.