How My Catholic Drug Addict Friend Brought Me to the True Faith

1Peter5, Augustine Himmel: Her hair was red, but not nearly as red as the area rug that sat atop the aqua-green carpet in her living room. She was short and plump, yet not as round as the peanut M&Ms we ate while drinking coffee and discussing theology. Though nearly sixty years old, her Irish eyes sparkled with a childlike joy that, for a long time, I didn’t realize was caused by an opioid coursing through her veins. Her name was Mary Elizabeth, she preferred to be called Liz, and one day, high on OxyContin and almost-as-expensive Hawaiian Kona coffee, she exclaimed, “How come you’re Lutheran instead of Catholic? Jesus founded the Catholic Church, not the Lutheran Church! Why would you want to be part of a church an ordinary man started just five hundred years ago?” Article is here.