In the Current Crisis, Beware of False Solutions; Pursue Real Ones

In a time of crisis, in panic mode, it is easy to jettison prudence and rush to the quickest solution that comes to mind, or one that results from a consensus of interested parties who are louder than all the other voices.

Progressivists do their best to use a crisis to advance their agenda, so we must be quite aware, and present the causes and remedies as they truly are.

In the current homosexual clergy coverup crisis (and that is the right name for it), false causes are being named (e.g., clericalism), and false remedies are being proposed (e.g., ending mandatory celibacy for priests of the Latin Rite, “ordaining” women, etc.).

As and example of a completely over-the-top false remedy, see this, reported by Prof. Roberto de Mattei:

To reform the Church and purify Her of clericalism, the Italian sociologist Marco Marzano suggests the following to Pope Francis: “For example, a start might be to remove parish priests completely from the running of the parishes, depriving them of those monocratic and absolute  governing functions (financial and pastoral) of which they benefit today. It might be possible to introduce an important element of democracy, making bishops electable [by popular vote]. It might be possible, by replacing them with open and transparent structures, to close the seminaries, institutions of the counter-reform in which clericalism as a “spirit of caste” is still exalted and cultivated today. It might above all, be possible to cancel the norm upon which clericalism is today mostly based (and which is also the basis for the overwhelming majority of sexual crimes by the clergy)  and that is, – obligatory celibacy. It is precisely the chastity presumed in the clergy, with all the consequences of the purity, the sacredness and superhuman [aspects] that go along with it, which establish the main basis of clericalism”. (Il Fatto Quotidiano, August 25th 2018).   

Don’t write these people off! They will double down and propose the most ludicrous solutions to the problem, even as they misidentify the problem itself. Progressivists seem to follow as their norm of practical action, “fix it till it’s broke.” Well, it’s already broke, and they broke it.

Another false remedy is to bring in the Big State to fix things. This will only result in much disgrace for the Church, but no actual rooting out of the problem.


Simple. The causes are doctrinal and moral in nature. The post-Vatican II “opening up to the world” and its horrible morality are among those causes, as I carefully argued here. The infiltration of homosexuals into the priesthood and episcopacy, exceptionally well documented by Father Enrique Rueda and others, resulted directly from this doctrinal and moral “razing of the bastions.”

It was Father Donald Cozzens, a former seminary rector who wrote in his The Changing Face of the Priesthood that “the priesthood is or is becoming a gay profession.” The invasion of the clerical state by sodomites is completely undeniable. Do not even entertain the delusional suggestion that this crisis has been exaggerated by the Catholic “right wing.”

This immediate situation owes itself directly to large numbers of homosexual bishops and homosexual priests, who have been given cover by corrupt officials of the Holy See. Archbishop Viganò has implicated Pope Francis himself, and many others, in this coverup. These men who are doing such harm to the Church and to souls would not have gotten where they are if not for the dismantling of Catholic faith and morals that happened from the 1960’s on, a dismantling that really started well before the Council with liberalism and modernism, Americanism and indifferentism.

So much for the real causes. The real solutions include purging the priesthood and episcopacy of homosexuals, restoring the traditional discipline of seminary formation, restoring orthodoxy in Catholic education and formation at all levels, and restoring the traditional liturgy of the Church, which is masculine and dignified. Finally, priests, religious, and laity alike must pursue a life of authentic holiness.

In short, it is Tradition that will be the ultimate remedy to all the ills that beset us.

The immediate remedy to the clerical sodomy scandal is not the Big State, and not the Big Media, but spiritual fathers rising up, like the priest Phinees, to deal with the problem definitively. (The reference to Phinees is to be applied in an allegorical or tropological sense, not the literal.) Archbishop Viganò is such a one. We need more, many more — with fortitude.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Mention of spiritual fathers impels me to add a coda to this piece.

A homosexual is constitutionally incapable of being a spiritual father. Fatherhood is masculine, he is effeminate. Spiritual fatherhood requires an interior life, he is unnaturally carnal.

Homosexuals, who are generally sad narcissists, are notorious for killing each other (I mean that both literally and figuratively). If intense pressure keeps up on the lavender Mafia, and some particularly high profile “outed” homosexuals are unwilling to fall on their swords as sacrificial lambs to help their fellow sodomites save face, there could be a messy clerical cat fight on the horizon. A few more Viganò-style truth bombs, and the feline feeding frenzy might begin in earnest.

This is not a prediction, but perhaps a hope. These are wicked men. To desire their downfall is good.