India: Ruling Hindu Nationalists Outlaw Conversions to Other Religions

Asia News, Nirmala Carvalho:The governor of the Indian state of Karnataka Thaawar Chand Gehlot has signed the ordinance by which the anti-conversion law takes immediate effect, despite the fact that its parliamentary process has not yet been completed.

The request of the local government led by the Hindu nationalists of the BJP-the party of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi-to adopt the emergency procedure without waiting for a vote in the second branch of parliament, the upper house, where numbers are less “secure” than in the Legislative Assembly, which had already approved the measure last December, was thus granted. Karnataka thus becomes the tenth Indian territory where the flagship rule of Hindu nationalists, which under the pretext of fighting “forced conversions” actually targets social and educational activities promoted by Christian communities, is currently in force. Report is here,