Interview With Bishop Schneider on Youth Synod, ‘Synodality,’ and Doctrinal Problems

Catholic Culture: Schneider: We know well what St. Gregory Nazianzen, one of the greatest theologians among the Church Fathers, thought about “synodality.” He said: “I am resolved to avoid every meeting of bishops, for I have never seen any synod end well, nor assuage rather than aggravate disorders” (Ep. ad Procop.). Pushing through the theme of “synodality” in the final document, in disregard for authentic synodal methods — since this topic was not sufficiently debated in the synod hall, and there was not enough time to read the final text, which was given to the bishops only in Italian – is a demonstration of an exasperated clericalism. Such “synodal” clericalism intends to transform the life of the Church into a worldly and Protestant parliament style with continuous discussions and voting processes on matters that cannot be put to a vote. Full interview is here.