Interview With Pat McCaskey of ‘THE’ Bears

Yes, when one talks about the football team from Chicago, I’ve been told that they ought to be called THE Bears. I, however, am a Patriot fan.

National Catholic Register, Trent Beattie:

Do you have a favorite devotion, such as the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet?

I don’t know if, technically, you can call this a devotion, but I like to go to Mass every day of the week. Every devotion flows from the Mass, so I like to go to the very Source whenever possible. Obviously, receiving Holy Communion is the height of personal participation, but there are so many other things about the Mass that are unbelievably powerful.

The Gloria is something we can take for granted, so it’s good to take a step back and ponder it anew, as if the angels in Luke 2 were reciting the beginning of it for the first time. The Gloria is a very powerful prayer, in which we praise, adore and give thanks to God and also ask for God’s mercy through the saving action of his only-Begotten Son. It leads us to what we’ll be doing forever: praising God, recognizing him as the Almighty who loves us. Full interview is here.