Ireland: Referendum to Keep Or Repeal Pre-Born’s Right to Life Amendment Set For May 25

There is not much hope here. In 2015 the majority of people of Ireland voted to legalize homosexual ‘marriage’. Will they now rise to defend the lives of the pre-born babies? Or, will they join with their homosexual prime minister in legalizing the murder of babies in the womb?

CNA: In a decision that some critics are comparing to Roe v. Wade, the Irish Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that unborn children have no other rights except those guaranteed by the Eighth Amendment – which is targeted for repeal this year by pro-abortion rights groups.

“It has demonstrated with absolute clarity that the Eighth Amendment is now the only defense that the unborn child has against the arbitrary decisions of politicians to extent the grounds upon which an abortion may be obtained,” Independent Member of Parliament Mattie McGrath said, according to the Herald Scotland. Report is here.