Jagermeister Facts

The image on the Jägermeister bottle is a Christian symbol. In many American cities, it is a common sight to see large billboard ads for this imported German liqueur: “Jägermeister… so smooth.” What catches our attention is the symbol on the bottle itself, a stag with a cross between his antlers. This symbol originates in the story of St. Hubert’s conversion. Hubert, a nobleman of Aquitaine, was a very worldly youth who was inordinately attached to the sport of hunting. One day, while Hubert was on the hunt in pursuit of an elusive stag, his target suddenly turned around and revealed, between its antlers, a brilliantly shining cross. The incident led to the conversion of the yet unbaptized Hubert, who became a catechumen and disciple of the bishop St. Lambert, whom he ended up succeeding as bishop. Appropriately, St. Hubert is the patron of Christian huntsmen. The Church celebrates his feast on November third. Two orders of knighthood were established under his patronage, one of which had as its Grand-Masters the kings of Bavaria. And Bavaria is where Jägermeister is made.

jagermeister symbol