Jesuit University Buses Students to Hear Foul-Mouth Catholic Basher Dan Savage

Why am I not surprised? Fairfield U is a Jesuit school and Jesuit schools are among the worst enemies of the Church. University President, Jeffrey von Arx, S.J., allegedly assured local Bishop William Lori of Bridgeport that the LGBTQ (Did I miss any letters?) conference would “not be a vehicle for dissent.” Then, what was it supposed to be a vehicle for ? Support for the Church’s teaching, with confessors available, and a public act of reparation perhaps? Hardly so. This would be like a Operation Rescue busing people to a Planned Parenthood conference under the assurance that the pro-abortion speakers would be respectful of the views of the opposition. Good grief!

The Cardinal Newman Society: Campus Notes: Fairfield University’s student newspaper The Mirror reports  that Fairfield provided transportation for students to hear openly gay sex columnist Dan Savage bash the Catholic Church in his keynote address for the “Pro-Queer Life” conference on Saturday. More on this here.